A visit with Great Grandma


Great Grandma Jeannette came to visit today. Megan had a great time
showing of her dance moves. Lindsay was doing some good moves of her
own- creeping on her belly, getting up on all fours, and bouncing on
mama’s leg. Both Lin and Great Gramma were all smiles when they got
some cuddle time together.


Feeding Time!

Meg wanted to share her yogurt with Lindsay today. I see these girls sharing lots of meals in the future, but hopefully not from the same spoon!


Frametastic Pic


We went to he Children’s Museum today with our friends Sarah and
Natalie. Megan had fun showing Natalie “the ropes” introducing her to
such things as the Lego exhibit, face painting, the baby room, and
story time at the treehouse. Lindsay had a fun time checking out all
the new sights, her favorite being the giant Light Bright! Both girls
came home hungry and exhausted, so we’re calling it an early night


Baby Lindsay Rocks!


Lindsay is four and a half months old now. She was born August 13th – five days over due!!! Although she started out big (9 pounds, 2 ounces) she has slowed down her growth in the last couple months. She is currently rolling over and pushing herself around on her belly with conviction. I'm sure she'll be crawling here any day now.

Lindsay is a much quieter girl than her sister. But when you look at her, she's got a smile that lights up the room. She's going to make everyone feel warm, fuzzy and important when they have her attention. This girl has lots of love to give!